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Karunn Kandoi: Proficiency personified at FOCUS

English in thDSC_0014e modern day is undoubtedly an indispensable medium to express oneself in the times of globalization especially when English happens to be the most spoken language in the world. An increasing demand for English in all spheres of our lives has made it imperative for every Indian to ensure that we are well adept with this language as a conversing medium in today’s age of advanced communication revolution.

The need to learn quality English in India has long been catered to by innumerable English learning and training institutes across India but hardly one will come across an enterprise with an expertise quotient as high as FOCUS which has long been engaged in providing quality speaking English training.

Currently FOCUS is one of the largest chains of spoken English training centers across Rajasthan with more than 30 institutes and still continues to progress on its path of unparalleled success with more than 70 centers spread over six other states in India. What makes the story even more astounding for the institute established in 2006 is the fact that this remarkable achievement became a reality within the first six months of its inception.

This dream come true for innumerable aspirants for acquiring proper speaking and interaction skills in English has largely been possible due to the untiring efforts of Karunn Kandoi who with the help of his visionary ideology and unique entrepreneurial prowess made the flourishing existence of Focus a reality. He has been the real architect behind the rise of this premier institute which has helped so many careers take a perfect shape and stand out with flying colors. Thanks to the exceptional English speaking training at FOCUS.

A man of virtues and unparalleled vision, Karunn Kandoi flaunted exemplary gifted ideas right from his beginning days as a youth. An engineering graduate from the Bangalore Institute of Technology with scholarly traits, Karunn Kandoi further went on to pursue MBA in Strategy and Marketing from the globally acclaimed University of Washington in Seattle, USA. His scholastic background helped him earn managerial positions at the famed MSN Corporations in Redmond, Washington. The sheer amount of experience earned coupled with future savvy entrepreneurial skills made Karunn Kandoi an instant hit in every situation he tested the waters.

It would never be an injustice to vouchsafe for the fact that FOCUS has intricately played a decisive role in innumerable careers across India thus helping individuals find themselves established in diverse spheres of their life. All this has been possible mostly due to the indomitable spirit of Karunn Kandoi who being a true embodiment of success and talent coalesced in the most potent form, took FOCUS to incredible heights unconquered till date. The meticulously interactive form of the entire schema is assured to help anyone willing to achieve greatness in his career with impeccable English to his credit. Karunn Kandoi being such a talented personality as he is, has assured that every single individual approaching FOCUS are assured to have a great future ahead.